Timeline Update, Film Fests, & Ko-fi Launch

SO. MUCH. HAPPENING! AH! So, here’s the low-down on the work we’ve been doing.

As of 08/12/2019, our timeline had 0% blank space, which felt, and still feels, incredible. Since then, we sent a full beta to our lawyer for a legal check, and we have implemented his feedback. Synced Together is still in the rough cut stage, but it is complete enough to submit to festivals that allow rough-cut submissions. Like Sundance! Which, if you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you likely saw that announcement. The only requirement is that an image is added to the beginning of the film with information about upcoming changes. The current list of elements under review:

  • introductory montage
  • b-roll selection
  • sound mix
  • color correction
  • visual effects
  • titles/credits

These are the items that we are still polishing, and we are giving it our absolute all! BEHOLD, our full timeline!


It’s so beautiful, yet so anxiety-producing… We’re sure all you AMV editors can relate.

So, what’s next? A couple of things:

  1. Contracts. Please be vigilant about signing and returning these. They must be signed for us to meet the legal requirements recommended by our lawyer. If we have reached out to you, please stay in touch.
  2. More editing. Obviously.
  3. We will be submitting to more film festivals, which we will divulge more specific information about soon on our Facebook and Twitter platforms.
  4. We are happy to announce the launch of our Ko-fi page!


Submission fees for film festivals are no joke, and they are especially high for feature-length films. Although it was on the more expensive end, our Sundance fee was $99, and others range from about $40 to $75. We would really appreciate Ko-fi donations to help finance these throughout the film’s 2020 competitive run.

Entering Sundance was an honor simply to submit. It was a proclamation of what our team has accomplished and what we believe our team deserves, but there are many other, more realistic goals for us to pursue. We are serious when we state that we have a legitimate shot at becoming official selections at select festivals. Labels such as low-budget, underground, geek, female-led, diversity, local, international, multi-language, and music-film all apply to us and create exclusions which we can leverage. This film is truly one-of-a-kind and deserves recognition and audiences outside of the anime scene. Festivals could also be a gateway to educate others about a digital community that has a real, positive impact on its members. If we could influence even one parent to be more understanding of their child that is “into anime,” it would be so worth it. To that end, let’s explore all of our options and see what happens!

Other than fest fees, Ko-fi donations will fund remaining legal fees and go towards saving up for more RAM. This project is a beast to export, and we will report those stats in another post.

If you donate through Ko-fi, depending on the amount, we will give you a special credit in our ending credits. More details on that to come, but anything is tremendously appreciated! There has been a lot of out-of-pocket financing lately, and things could be better. Remember! We will be editing more content even after Synced Together, so if you like what we’re doing and want us to keep going (with some sanity), we need your help.