Synced Together Timeline Preview!

Hello everyone! We have a special sneak peek to show you! We know that all of you have been waiting very patiently to hear more about the film’s progress, and so today, we will reveal Synced Together’s timeline and updates on our post-production progress. We also want to give a big shout-out to our translators who have helped us create subtitles for the film. We couldn’t do this without them!



Madeleine (MinetChan) and Amy (StarTrinity009) carry distinctive roles on Synced Together’s editing process. While Madeleine edits the film using Adobe Premiere, Amy carefully reviews each segment and determines needed changes and improvements. We joke that this process is comparable to the AMV contest, Level Up, and that this is the ultimate entry.

At times, Discord is used to facilitate brainstorming sessions, while Google Docs serves as a great collaborative space to write notes and comment back and forth.

Madeleine keeps three separate backups of documentary footage (which now totals over 4.8 terabytes in size) on two RAID storage systems. The primary RAID 0 system, which Madeleine uses during editing, holds two drives each named after Mass Effect characters, “Garrus” and “Shepard.” The secondary RAID 1 system called “Tali” allows for an additional two duplications of the project files. Every week, regular updating of the two systems occurs to ensure that the most recent changes are reflected across all backups.

As you can see, our project rests in an Adobe Premiere project file called “Synced Together TEST.” Yes, we haven’t changed the filename since the start of post-production almost two years ago… 😉






Another cool fact is that we are still using the 2017 version of Adobe Premiere CC (v 11.1.4) due to the fact that some of the older audio codecs used in our project were phased out in later versions of Adobe Premiere CC. Thankfully, Madeleine solved the issue quickly after seeing a large portion of the audio offline. Whew!









Prologue Sequence | 80% Complete | Current Runtime: 05:57

We are close to developing a final cut of the prologue for Synced Together. We’ve known how the beginning of our film would be from the start, so this segment has been simpler for us to develop versus other areas of the film.


AMV History Sequence | 70% Complete | Current Runtime: 21:02

We have most of this sequence planned out, which includes a timeline of how AMVs and the AMV community have changed over time.


AMV Contests/Conventions Sequence | 30% Complete | Current Runtime: 42:37

Currently a rough cut, this section dives more into AMV contests and AMV-centric conventions. Our plan is to take viewers to various locations and explore different themes within each. This is the largest segment of our film and has been the hardest for us to conceptualize — in large part due to the freedom of this section.


Epilogue Sequence | 50% Complete | Current Runtime: 20:54

Planned from the start, the very last few minutes are nearly complete. Leading up to the finale are a few more loose strings to tie together. A conversation about the future of AMVs is also discussed.