Updated Premiere Date

Hello Synced Together followers! Today, we are announcing that Synced Together: AMVs & Their Editors will officially premiere sometime in 2019.

Our original goal was Summer 2018, but we have found that goal to be too ambitious when accounting for the scope and quality of our project. The large amount of unexpected financial support from our Indiegogo campaign changed our timeline because we were able to not only reshoot previous interviews and events with better resources, but we were able to capture much more content. This additional content has benefited the main documentary as well as our backer spotlights.

The choice to extend our production phase by a year also afforded videography teams outside of the U.S. more time to compile needed footage and translate it.

We believe that this change in schedule will result in a much better film and overall experience with AMVFilm. We have so much more footage than we ever thought possible, and we have more planned because of it. Our first backer spotlight is even in the final stages of post-production! Get hyped!

As always, thank you again for your dedicated support. We’re excited to share our upcoming releases with you!