MomoCon Shoot + Final Filming Days


As our team (StarTrinity009, Miracle Falcon, and Trenzilla) sets off to film at MomoCon this Thursday through Sunday, we wanted to provide additional transparency on what our final filming schedule looks like. Our international schedule is as follows:

  • Nostromo: Filming until he finishes (predicting until the end of summer). Working on b-roll for AMV-related websites and AMVs.
  • Niwa: Filming in the summer. Obtaining content focusing on ZetZu and possibly covering the Närcon AMV Contest in Sweden.
  • AMV Netherlands: Filming through summer and fall. Capturing more content from Animecon and interviews.
  • AMV-France: Filming Japan Expo in July.
  • MinetChan: Filming Anime Expo in July (reshooting a few interviews).
  • MinetChan and StarTrinity009: MAYBE film at AWA.

Once these items are taken care of, our reshoot phase will end. A huge thank you again to our dedicated backers and volunteers for making these reshoots possible. The quality of the documentary has improved, and we hope to show glimpses of the improvements in our next update!