Happy 1st Anniversary!

January 2, 2018 commemorates the one-year anniversary of the AMV Documentary Project, now called Synced Together: AMVs & Their Editors.

To celebrate this occasion, director-producers Madeleine Brookman (MinetChan) and Amy Boyter (StarTrinity009) would like to share a few words:


Wow… That went by super fast.

It’s crazy to think about it, but one year ago I was sitting in my room binge-watching documentary films on Netflix, when it occurred to me that there had never been a feature-length documentary about AMVs nor the international AMV community.

What started out as a mere thought, grew into a goal literally overnight. One by one the community offered advice and suggestions, and before I knew it, we had assembled teams of AMV editors and enthusiasts from all continents of the world.

Today, on January 2nd, 2018, we are all working towards that same goal — creating a film that explains our hobby to the world. As of right now, our combined international teams have conducted 72 interviews in 6 different languages, totaling to over 6.3 Terabytes of footage. It’s incredible to see what we have done — truly remarkable. It’s a testament to our passion for editing anime music videos, not to mention our drive to connect with fellow editors and fans of AMVs.

I cannot wait to see what we accomplish next. Happy New Year everyone!



A whole year… Wow, it flew by, but every minute of work on this project was worth it.

Synced Together has challenged me in ways that I could never have imagined, and it has given me so much in return. Between crash filming courses, ridiculously long nights, and tests of leadership, this project has given me new skills and has shown me that it is 100% possible to make your mark in a subject that you care about as long as you have the courage to pursue it.

Moreover, what I think is most eye-opening about Synced Together is that it has proven that an extremely niche community can band together and demand that the world acknowledge it. It has demonstrated that an artistic community has agency in declaring its craft an art form, and it has confirmed that we are willing to give our all for something that we perceive as truly special.

This documentary is not just history in the making; it’s a movement, and I cannot wait to see how far it takes us.


Thank you again and again for your support. If you would like to celebrate with us, please use #SyncedTogetherTurns1 in your posts! Here’s to another year of AMV exploration!