Indiegogo Update and #AMVOfTheDay!

We did it, everyone!

October 30, 2017 marked the end of our major funding campaign, in which we raised $6,085 after late contributions. After factoring in fees deducted by Indiegogo, we have $5,588.30 to work with.

We are so incredibly astounded by the support we have received. We are grateful for all of our contributors, including those who have spent, and continue to spend, time filming, translating, and coordinating the overall production.

When you visit our fundraising page, you will notice that we are now in a stage called “InDemand.” This InDemand feature of Indiegogo is what allowed our late contributions to occur, pushing our final total from $5,910 to $6,085. While our major campaign allowed us to create a reserve — funds that we could count upon and budget accordingly as we move forward — InDemand will ensure that we have extra support in case unexpected expenditures arise.

Whoever is interested in furthering or beginning their support is encouraged to contribute whenever they are able to. All available perks are still up for grabs and will be transferred to those who back the corresponding tiers. As mentioned on our Indiegogo page, whatever funds are left after the production of Synced Together, and all other episodic content from stretch goals and backers, we plan to donate to anime and AMV-related causes.

Lastly, we have one more exciting announcement to make!

Starting December 1, 2017, the AMV Filmmakers Association Facebook and Twitter pages will start posting one AMV each day as a part of #AMVOfTheDay — a fascinating look into AMVs across time, style, and region. Each day, we will highlight one AMV to encourage understanding and appreciation of our hobby, as well as to ignite nostalgia and kindle new memories for editors and non-editors alike.