Less Than 5 Days Left! $5,000 Raised! New Tier Deals!

Everyone, we cannot believe that we actually get to say this, but through the AMV community’s passionate support, we actually pulled it off and are now 200% funded at $5,000 raised.

News like this makes us feel on top of the world and fills us with the determination to press forward. We never imagined that we would receive this much funding, so your interest in the project and acts of kindness have certainly made us feel appreciated. We want to say, “WE HEAR YOU LOUD AND CLEAR!” We will continue to put every ounce of ourselves into this project and make Synced Together the best possible documentary that we can produce.

The Dream Team
StarTrinity009 (left) and MinetChan (right), seconds before MinetChan had to leave for her flight home after AWA 2017.

Now, let’s finish strong! The Indiegogo campaign ends in less than 5 days on October 29, 2017 at 11:59 pm PDT! If you plan on backing the project, please contribute soon before time runs out.

Remember, every little bit helps! You do not need to give a lot of money to be helpful. Just $10 can help cover shipping a hard drive from the east coast to the west coast.

In order to make our lower tiers more accessible, we have made a few changes:
  1. The “Windows Movie Maker Editor” tier is now $7, instead of $10.
  2. The “iMovie Editor” tier is now $10, instead of $15.
  3. And, we would like to introduce two alternative arrangements for the Kdenlive tier:
    1. If a group of three bans together, and each person in the group backs the $25 tier, they may, as a group, submit a dare to an editor on the Dare Squad. The individuals will not receive any other perks from the Kdenlive tier; they will only gain the dare perk as a group. (IMPORTANT: If you have already backed the $25 tier, you may retroactively gain this perk if you can find two new backers with which you can form a group.)
    2. The above arrangement may also work in combination with someone backing the $50 tier, then their partner backing the $25 tier, or vice versa. (IMPORTANT: If you have already backed the $25 or $50 tier, you may retroactively gain the dare perk from the Kdenlive tier if you can find a new backer that will back the $25 or $50 tier. As a couple, as long as the sum of your contributions equals $75, you are eligible to receive this perk.)
    3. These two alternative arrangements are only available to backers who support either the $25 or $50 tiers. We will not accept combinations of lesser tiers.

Please note that we will not offer any more discounts or deals beyond this point. This is as good as it’s going to get! For rules and details surrounding the dare perk: https://tinyurl.com/y8hd57ch

We are so curious to see what our final total will be! No matter what, this campaign has been an undeniable success, and it’s all thanks to YOU! See you at the finish line!