10 Days Left! New Backer Tier & All Stretch Goals Met!

On Tuesday, ‎October ‎17, ‎2017, we reached our second stretch goal of $4,500. With that, it gives us unbelievable pride to announce that we have met ALL of our predetermined Indiegogo goals.

We, again, cannot begin to express the gratitude that we have felt throughout this campaign. We never expected to receive such overwhelming support, and you guys continue to blow us away! With less than 10 days left in the campaign, let’s give this thing one final push and see how far we can go!!!

Screenshot 2017-10-17 16.20

If we reach $5,000, we will be 200% funded, meaning what we take home is DOUBLE our original goal. AND THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!!!

Any funds contributed at this point will benefit traveling for reshoots, covering Indiegogo fees, and growing our safety net. To continue funding these categories, we would like to introduce a tantalizing new Indiegogo tier:

Kdenlive Editor ($75)

If you back this tier, you not only receive lower tier perks – Blooper Reel Access, Behind the Scenes Content, Major Backer Credit (Web+Film) – but you also obtain the glorious opportunity to dare an editor on our Dare Squad. The current squad consists of Shin AMV, PieandBeer, Vivifx, irriadin, and l33tmeatwad. If you are a fellow editor and would like to volunteer to join the Dare Squad, please send us a message ASAP to amvdocumentary@gmail.com. The more, the merrier! Let’s have some fun! But first, the fine print for the dares: https://tinyurl.com/y8hd57ch (Follow this link for the newest version. This post will not be updated. The updated list of dare-able editors will be found via the link.)

Kdenlive Editor – Dare Rules (last updated 10/20/17 05:18 AM EDT)
  1. You can send one, single dare to an editor on the Dare Squad. This dare can be any number of things — within reason. Project leaders have the right to deem your dare unreasonable. If your dare is unreasonable, we will ask that you create a new one.
  2. The dare should not last longer than an hour. Please be considerate of our squad’s time!
  3. The dare should not cost a squad member to spend unreasonable amounts of money. Please be considerate of our squad’s wallet!
  4. Nothing illegal. This should be common sense.
  5. Nothing that can cause an editor bodily harm. There’s a difference between pieing your face and stabbing yourself in the head. Just so you know…
  6. No gross stuff, nudity, or meat pics. We realize that people have different definitions of “gross”, so in that situation, we will try our best to match you with the right squad member. However, remember, there is a difference between eating a tablespoon of salt and exposing your privates to unthinkable substances.
  7. No skill-related or work-related extortion. You cannot dare someone to make an AMV. That’s too much work. Other, time-consuming, artistic-related commissions are also off-limits. The exception is household chores. That’s okay. Because who doesn’t like being waited on?!
  8. Project leaders are not liable for any incidents or accidents. Once all parties agree on the details of a dare, no one is getting sued if you randomly lose a digit while executing it. If you follow the rules and respect the Dare Squad, this should not be an issue. Let’s make this safe and fun!
Kdenlive Editor – Dare Process
  1. Back the Kdenlive Editor tier, then immediately email us at amvdocumentary@gmail.com to request a dare. You should detail 1.) which editor in the Dare Squad you would like to dare and 2.) what the dare is.
  2. Once the project leaders approve the reasonability of your dare and clear it with the squad member, your challenge will be publicly tweeted on our Twitter page. We will also share your contact info with the squad member as they will need it for the final step.
  3. The dared editor will either publicly post proof (a video [preferred] or image) to social media or send it to you directly through a private message. They will CC project leaders in some way as well. The Dare Squad is encouraged to post publicly through video; however, please understand that our volunteers have a right to their privacy. Following the rules above ensures that your dare is closer to what is acceptable to post.

We can’t wait to see what happens. This should be interesting! As always, thank you for supporting Synced Together. Please continue to like, comment, and share our Indiegogo campaign on social media. You may also follow us on Facebook (@AMVFilm), Twitter (@AMVFilm), YouTube (AMV Filmmakers Association), and our website! Contact us at amvdocumentary@gmail.com for more information.