15 Days Left! Announcing Popular Senpais and Famous Senseis

We are halfway through the campaign now with only 15 days left, so it is time for us to talk about our Popular Senpais and Famous Senseis.
We would like to again thank these volunteers for their time. We greatly appreciate it!!

So without further ado, here are the names of our Popular Senpais and Famous Senseis:

Popular Senpais – Tigrin, King Redeem, PieandBeer, and SliceofLife
Famous Senseis – Shin AMV, irriadin, Vivifx, and l33tmeatwad


Screenshot 2017-10-14 14

Each senpai and sensei have volunteered their time to help improve your editing if you back either the $100 or $200 tiers, respectively. They will give you a 2-hour editing session where you can ask questions about how to create a specific effect, how to improve your current AMV, or even how to start cutting on the timeline. They will do their best to guide you in the right direction! Both senpais and senseis are knowledgeable editors. Senpais are distinguished by their recent successes in contests and their general popularity on the current AMV scene. Senseis are distinguished by their numerous past winnings, as well as their abilities to teach you based on their high experience levels.

A senpai or sensei can only coach 2 separate backers for 2 hours each. It is also first come, first serve to claim someone to work with. If you want help from a particular editor, we suggest that you act quickly! Back and claim them! After backing the appropriate tier, email us at amvdocumentary@gmail.com ASAP to claim your editor! Otherwise, your AMV coach will be randomly assigned.

To back a $100 or $200 tier now, please visit our Indiegogo page!

Thank you for supporting Synced Together: AMVs & Their Editors!