Introducing Documentary Staff

Hello everyone!

We are really excited to introduce the editors currently involved in our documentary as staff members! This project cannot be done without the help of these leaders and volunteers. We thank them for stepping up to the task of helping coordinate and produce this project. We look forward to working with all of you as we near completion of the documentary!

Please inquire for more positions by visiting our contact page. We also encourage anyone to contact us if they have specific talents they would like to contribute to the project.

Director and Co-Producer
Madeleine Brookman — MinetChan

Amy Boyter — StarTrinity009

AMV Ambassadors
Kireblue —
danparenthis — AMV UK
Cirera — AMV Finland
ZephyrStar —
Cmoididi — AMV France
Minstrel — AMVNews
Joskua — Zona AMV
Pic4 — AMVDE
Drunkenpony — AMV Greece
Niwa — AMV Sweden
ZOD — AMV Morocco

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